drive more visibility, sales and leads to your business with Google Ads.


We will design and run social media, SEO and SEM (Google Ads)marketing campaigns for your business. Google Ads are powerful ways of driving more visibility, sales and leads to your business. We can help you master these platforms by creating new campaigns or optimising existing accounts. We’ll make sure you are using up-to-date features and best-practices in order to beat your competitors


Google Ads Package Items

  • Strategy Creation
  • Keyword Research
  • Account Creation (If Required)
  • Keyword Review (Including Negative)
  • Ad Copy Review / Creation
  • A/B Ad Testing
  • Account Structure Review / Creation
  • Budget Management Review / Creation
  • Bid Management
  • Analytics Linking (Basic Setup, If No Account)
  • Detailed Competitor Review
  • Google Search Text Ads
  • Google Search "Click to Call" Ads
  • Landing Page Analysis
  • Ad Extentions Utilisation (Call/Sitelink/Location)
  • Full Monthly Reporting

Package 1

Package 2

Package 3


Google Ads is a targeting form of advertising that are run across the Google Search & Google display networks. Advertisers pay to display ads to users searching for their products or services, or who may be browsing a website related to their products or services.

Yes, a Google account is needed to use Google Ads. If you don’t have one, we can create a new Google Ads account for you and invite an email of your choosing for full admin control over your account.

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