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Get leads, Increase Sales & increase client interaction


We develop and implement strategies to make each of your website pages to increase their ranking in the search engine and become visible to more people in your target audience. If you have an existing website, we will run an analytics on to identify technical and SEO faults as well as how it ranks against your competitors’ sites and optimize them to perform better. We list your business on various listing and review sites to increase visibility. 

benefits of our chatbot

  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Instant Responses
  • Reduced Operational Costs & Increased
  • Consistency & Accuracy
  • Remembered Client Conversations


Package Features

  • Messenger Autoresponder
  • Send Promo Content Offer
  • Contact Us/ Set Up Appointment
  • Google Sheets Integration
  • Admin Notification
  • Bot Setup and Implementation on Facebook Page
  • 1:1 Consultation and Support
  • (CRM) Integration with Zapier
  • Lead Qualification
  • Product Recommendation
  • Custom Integrations
  • Advanced Feature
  • Get Free Consultation

Silver Package

Gold Package

Platinum Package

NB * Lead Capture Bot
(E-mail/ Phone Number) On 1 Website and Facebook Page
(Monthly fee applicable)


A chatbot is a an online robot that uses a series of automated conversions to answer the most common questions from your customer over Facebook Messenger or your website. This a very useful tool that can collect customer data and use it to provide them with personalised help. This will nurture them to a sale.

With the demand increase in online user interaction, this means you also need to increase customer care personnel. To avoid these costs you can make use of our ChatBot gives users 24/7 customer service. Our ChatBot will respond to Facebook messages and emails when you cannot. 

You will need an active FaceBook page where you also have administrative rights. Your ChatBot is not just limited to your FB Page but it will also be available on your website and email.

Don’t have a FaceBook AND/OR Website?

No worries, we also offer social media & website design services 

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